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During these days of economic inequality and racial strife, we call on you to join the Real Living Wage Campaign/NYC, a faith-rooted movement for racial and economic justice.
This Campaign emerging from the Micah Faith Table of the Micah Institute is being
supported by many of the clergy leaders who were part of the successful 2012 campaign
for a living wage for some of New York City’s workers. In a city where the rent alone busts
the family budget for so many as they struggle to make ends meet, we dream of a world
where everyone makes a living wage and is able to return home to a hearth where they
can love and be loved. That is why we are committed to fighting for a real living wage for
all New Yorkers.

All the religious traditions set just economic relations among the moral foundation stones
of civilized society. A just economy requires real living wages for all workers. The “theo-
logical” rationale for our campaign is that basic.

Thank you for bringing alive in your faith community the issues of dignity, fairness, and
economic justice for all workers. As we pull together our many traditions and
commitments, we become a “soul force” for love and justice that can change the world.

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